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February 22, 2016
Develop a Regular Meditation Habit

How to Develop a Regular Meditation Habit – Interview

Lynne was stressed-out, sleep-deprived, type-A businesswoman, and ended up a renowned meditation coach. As she talks about in the interview, when she started meditating, no one would […]
December 31, 2015
can meditation help improve relationships?

Video: Meditation Q&A – Can meditation improve relationships?

For today’s Meditation Q&A, Lynne talks about how meditation can help us be more present and less reactive when it comes to interactions with those we care about. […]
September 11, 2015
Meditation Benefits for Kids

Benefits of Meditation for Children

Maybe you think meditation is something that’s too “serious” or “difficult” for kids. Well, it turns out, kids are great at learning meditation! Plus it can […]
September 11, 2015
Meditation Benefits

Meditation Benefits Backed by Science

Why on earth should we meditate?! We’re busy, stressed, and cannot cram in one more thing… Well, that’s exactly WHY we think you’ll love meditation. We’ve […]
August 31, 2015
Active retired old men and leisure, two senior black brothers hugging outdoors

7 Reasons Meditation is Good for Healthy Relationships

Did you know that meditation can help you have happy and healthy relationships? According to Dr. Marsha Lucas PhD, there are seven acquirable skills that help […]
August 31, 2015

Take a Step Back

“A bumblebee flies into my apartment
it didn’t mean to be there
–it panics
 and seeing the outside through a glass window
it proceeds to push and push against […]
August 31, 2015

Train Your Brain to Be Happy

By Our Official Guide Lynne Goldberg   Did you know that you can change your brain to be happy? According to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, from his book Hardwiring […]
August 31, 2015
Closeup portrait of beautiful calm woman enjoying spring nature with closed eyes, having fun outdoors, pleasure concept

Body Image and Self Compassion

By Our Official Guide Expert in Spirituality and  Well-Being – Lynne Goldberg “There is nothing more rare nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself. Comfortable […]