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December 31, 2015
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January 1, 2016

Video: Meditation Q&A – What’s the best type of meditation?

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Ever wonder about all the different types of meditation? Well Lynne explains a little in this quick video while she answers an OMG user’s question “What’s the best type of meditation?”

Click below to watch. Enjoy! 🙂


Here’s the video script:

So although there are many different forms of meditation, they all essentially serve the same purpose. And that’s to help us take a step back from our busy minds and discover that sense of inner stillness that we all have but maybe need to learn how to access. Our minds are really busy places, and according to some experts, we have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day going through our heads. We spend so much time thinking, that we don’t even notice. All day long, we’re playing out future scenarios, or replaying the past, or are continually judging things as good or bad, or pretty or ugly, like or don’t like, or worrying and stressing and hoping, anticipating, strategizing. Well meditation helps us take a step back from that incessant thinking and gives our minds a chance to settle down for a few minutes, aind of the way a pond can get very still and clear when there’s no wind at all. And that’s pretty much what happens when we meditate. Most forms of meditation use some form of an object to focus on, as a way of bringing our attention to the object, instead of being in our thoughts. The breath is one of the most common objects of attention. Many styles of meditation focus primarily on breathing. Mindfulness meditation uses the present sensory environment including sounds, body sensations, as well as the breath. And mantra meditation uses a word or phrase that’s repeated silently over and over as the focus. And there’s a lot more. But they all just take a different approach to the same idea, and that’s stepping out of your thinking mind and accessing that space of quiet presence that’s always there, but that is often blocked by the mind’s business. So my answer to the question of “which is the best style?” It’s simply the one that works best for you. Any style of meditation that resonates with you, that you’re going to want to stick to and practice every day is the right one for you.

Hope this helps!